Friday, July 13, 2007

North Sydney Bus Stops by Super Colossal

Location: North Sydney

Though the project is on hold i found it very interesting with its impact on its surrounding as well as design strategy.
below is the explanation as it appeared on Super Colossal Site

" Won in competition in association with Tribe Studios, this is a scheme for a new bus and train interchange in the North Sydney CBD. This proposal aims to serve the dual purpose of consolidating North Sydney’s major public transport interchange and providing North Sydney with a tangible and defining marker.

The scheme comprises a thin steel roof that links the three sites and provides a continuous covered way from the train station to the bus stops. At the top of Mount Street Plaza the plane of the roof folds up into a series of slender towers. Beneath these towers is the entry to the train station and a proposed flower market.
Along Miller Street the continuous flat roof plane is supported by slender steel columns. This covered way acts as a platform that allows a variety of uses to take place beneath it; small cafes and coffee carts, fruit stalls, seating for adjacent cafes, newstands and the like.
At the top of the Mount Street plaza the roof folds up to provide a canopy to the Train Station entry and the North Sydney Flower Markets. The reflective underside of the roof over the flower markets would create a field of flowers on the underside of the canopy. Commuters would rise out of the train station tunnel into a canopy filled with flowers. We think this would be a very pleasant way to greet the working day."

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