Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art - China

- Via World Architecture News

" EMERGENT designs the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art in Shenzen, China

The design is based on integrating the MoCA and PE programs into a single unified project with a distinct presence in the city. The programs are easily unified due to their similar typology and functional requirements. Unification of the programs also allows for a greater efficiency due to reduction of redundant circulation and public amenity spaces.

All of the exhibition space for both programs is located in loft-like spaces in the L-shaped volume. These are open-plan spaces with high clear ceiling heights which can be reconfigured easily as exhibits change. Support spaces for these exhibition spaces, including administrative spaces, the PE Library, and a restaurant, are all located in this part of the building as well. A crystalline Foyer connects these spaces together via escalators and elevators. This Foyer acts as an environmental buffer between the Garden Plaza outside and the more controlled exhibition spaces, in terms of temperature, humidity, noise, and light levels.

The Garden Plaza is a hub connecting the Foyer to the Landscape as well all of the related public functions such as Cultural Services, Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, VIP Entry, and the underground parking garage. This space is accessible from all sides and will become an urban destination for people just passing by as well as Museum visitors. It is spatially defined on all sides by topography, plantings, furniture, and the Plaza Roof, creating a highly specific and integrated environment. The Plaza Roof, in combination with plant-life and water features, creates a high-performance urban microclimate."

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