Saturday, June 23, 2007

Branches House, Campo Lindo, Melipilla – Santiago de Chile / Gregorio Vásquez Ayuso

- Via noticias arquitectura

Branches house is about one hour and a half of Santiago, specifically in the surroundings of Melipilla. The fast access from the capital turns it an excellent place for a second house. This zone is call “Campo Lindo”, and is characterized by the predominance of traditional Spanish houses style.
The project was thought and requested for a young couple, with a just born daughter, which favors the weekends outside Santiago with relatives. That is why the spaces of recreation are strongly valued.
The project is located on an area that forms a strong curve of trees towards west, generating a natural filter of light, this way the architect took this curve with the intention of incorporate this exterior space towards the interior, which is express in the architectural language, throw a broken floor in three facets, with opened spaces towards the mentioned grove, generating movement and fluency in the space organization.

It is the backdrop the one that inspired the elevated diagonals- like branches wanting to reach the ceiling with a double height - that values the common spaces and a habitable roof to cross the arboreal curve, which expresses in strong horizontal lines, supported by subtle diagonals.
Internally the house throw west cleans up, in a way that not over saturates the reading gave by the trees and protect it bioclimaticly in a natural way.
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Anonymous said...

umm, how do u keep those windows clean?

Aline Chahine said...

mmm well i guess the people that afford to have this house can afford some1 to clean it.. plus not much glass.. as philipp johnson's house ehh/???