Monday, June 25, 2007

New Silk Road - competition results

- via Jean Beaudoin

Silk Road - China

" ...World renowned as the city of the Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi’an is one of the six Great Ancient capital of China, having hosted 13 dynasties in China’s history. Formerly named Chang’an, the current Shaanxi Province capital was the origin of the ancient Silk Road. As a historical capital, Xi’an has united China as well as initiated the intertwinning of cultures of the world.
The Silk Road came into being in the Han dynasty, and prospered during Tang dynasty.Crossing through the Middle-East and anchoring Europe to Asia, it played an important role in redefining political relations, economic trades, as well as cultural exchanges between the East and the West. The New Silk road Cultural Park is located in Qu jiang new district, near the Great Goose Pagoda in the South East of part of Xi’an. Established around the Nanhu (South Lake), it covers over 100 hectares and its construction has started with the infrastructural work of the lake. .."
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"...Seven projects have been selected in seven areas and established as the winning entries. The panels of the winning entries are compiled in this booklet . They are :
Mediterranean Europe destination : Massimiliano Fuksas architects, Italy.
Scandinavian destination : Snohetta architects, Norway.
Western Europe destination: Nox and Okra, Netherlands.
Eastern Europe destination: 3LHD, Croatia.
Western Turkish Cultural area: Work AC, USA/Lebanon/Turkey.
Arabic Cultural area :Antoine Predock, USA/U.E.A.
Jewish Cultural area Atelier Big City, Canada/Israel
Persian area : No projects rewarded.
Western Turkish Cultural area : No projects rewarded.
The jury also awarded an honorable mention for the project presented by
T.H.I.N.K. for showing outstanding research in the Jewish cultural area. In two areas, no winning teams have been retained from the competition process..."

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