Friday, June 22, 2007

Design Studio Pedagogy: Horizons for the Future (2007), Ashraf Salama and Nicholas Wilkinson (editors)

- Via Architecture - Urbanism

Excerpts from the Introduction by Ashraf M. Salama and Nicholas WilkinsonTitled: Legacies for the Future of Design Studio Pedagogy

……Contemporary societies are in a continuous process of transformations and learning systems should respond to the changes associated with these transformations. Design and built environment professions are no exception and thus corresponding changes in education are crucially needed. There are continuous attempts to massage and modify design studio teaching practices, to re-configure the structure of studio content, and the way in which knowledge is delivered and experienced. However, consensus is lacking on the issue of what changes and developments in studio pedagogy will best meet the needs of design professions while supporting the aspirations of contemporary societies. In response, Design Studio Pedagogy: Horizons for the Future presents thoughts, ideas, and experiments of educators of different generations, different academic backgrounds, who are teaching and conducting research in different cultural contexts. It simply probes future universal visions within which the needs of future shapers of the built environment can be conceptualized and the design pedagogy that satisfies those needs can be debated....

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