Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bus, mobile public space - beirut, Lebanon

The lack of common space can be seen in the public domain. This goes not only because of the lack of space itself, but also because of the connotation existing public spaces have.
During the civil war in 1975, Lebanon was architecturally divided into sectarian regions, in which each religious community exercised its own urban rules and formed its own public space that reflected its perception and ultimately was only used by this specific community. The urban development during this period (outside Beirut) was chaotic since the government had no power to exercise restraint or to implement any laws.
Adding to that the snipers and bombs who deprived the Lebanese, and for a long time, from the culture of walking the streets or hanging in parks.
A daring project is intended to address this issue and to create public spaces that initially will be as generic as possible and where different people from diverse backgrounds can meet.

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